20th Century Modern Interior Design in London

Interest in, and demand for, the works of the top designers in post-war furnishings and interior design art has never been greater. The clean lines and cool chic embodied by the work of late twentieth century designers such as Gio Ponti, Paolo Buffa and Max Ingrand are widely appreciated as works of art in their own right as well as for their utility as practical and functional pieces of furniture, lighting or interior decoration.

London furniture showroom

Since 1997, Caira Mandaglio has specialised in the works of 20th Century and post-war designers of this iconic style of interior décor and furnishing. They are, as you may expect, passionate about the works of the designers that they represent, and have a unique and comprehensive knowledge of the period and the subject. Although specialising in work by the leading French and Italian designers of the period, they can also supply work from other European artists as well as work by significant American designers such as Paul Evans. Through their London showroom they offer high quality examples of these designers’ work which amply demonstrate the reason for the upsurge of interest in the genre.

Their London Showroom at Arch 16-18, Kingsdown Close, Bartle Road, London W10 6SW, close to Ladbroke Grove Tube station, is available to clients by appointment only - call on 020 7243 6035 or 07836 354632 (mobile)  to arrange your viewing.  Alternatively, you can view their website - cairamandaglio.com - where you can find details of their present available items as well as examples from their pevious catalogues.

Whether you are already a serious collector of the works of the designers of the period or are looking for a particular piece to complement your existing décor, Caira Mandaglio are sure to help you to find the particular piece you’re looking for.