Delivering the Perfect Photograph

Using modern photographic retouching techniques can transform a simple photgraph into something extraordinary.

In the days of traditional analogue photography, much of the hard work which went into turning a “good smudge” into a really stunning image was done in the darkroom. Although modern digital cameras are superb and sophisticated pieces of hardware capable of delivering results which had previously been the domain of seasoned pro photographers, the difference that can be made by tweaking the image can still be truly amazing. In fact, the ease by which modern digital techniques can be used to deliver the perfect photograph, the range of changes that are available and the seamless final result make retouching perhaps even more important in the digital age than it was back then.

Technical changes such as enhancing sharpness and contrast or changing the quality of light and shade in a photograph are now straightforward processes for the experienced practitioner of digital art and deliver results far in advance of those that could be achieved in the traditional darkroom. Creative retouching is capable of delivering even more spectacular results, changing aspects of the original image from altering skin tones or removing blemishes to substantial alteration of composition and content of the photograph, to digital restoration of treasured negative-based photographs. All manner of effects can be achieved in this way, such as altering a photograph to look like an oil painting or a still from a video game to removing or inserting elements within the image to improve the composition or strengthen the impact or message intended.

Although basic photoshopping can be enjoyed by anyone with access to simple software packages, high level retouching is a skilled task. Where the image is to be used for commercial purposes, or even where it is of special personal significance, it is probably sensible to use one of the specialist multimedia service providers, such as Indigoextra who have the necessary expertise and equipment to deliver the perfect image that the discerning client rightly demands and that the original photograph deserves.

Special occasion - Photo of a wedding in Scotland

Special occasion

The photo above is taken of a wedding in Scotland, a true special occasion and is provided courtesy of Interfaith ministers Peter and Leah Findlay.  The photo captures an outdoor wedding in a beautiful forest setting - what could be more magical?